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CIA mind-control became publicly known in 1975, when boxes of documents were released via Freedom of Information Act requests. From that, several books were written on CIA program MKULTRA. Officially spanning ten years from 1952- 62, MK-ULTRA used LSD on unwitting military and civilian subjects.

LSD and more powerful compounds were given under duress as brainwashing and truth serum drugs. The aim was to find drugs which would irresistibly bring out deep confessions or wipe a subject’s mind clean and program him or her as “a robot agent.” In experiments, people were given ‘acid’ without their knowledge, then interrogated. Test subjects were told LSD tripping would be extended indefinitely if they refused to reveal closely-guarded military secrets. These people interrogated were CIA employees, U.S. military personnel and suspected double agents. Long-term severe debilitation and several documented deaths resulted.

Explosive testimony was revealed on March 15, 1995, in Washington, D.C. before the Committee on Radiation. New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf introduced two patients with whom she had uncovered memories of their being part of extensive CIA brainwashing programs as young children, starting at age seven. Their brainwashing included torture, rape, electroshock, powerful drugs, hypnosis and death threats. According to their testimony, the CIA induced amnesia to prevent their recalling these terrifying sessions.

Wolf and her patients stated they spontaneously retrieved information about their pasts. The committee was concerned with radiation, but permitted Valerie and her patients to testify. Astonishingly, the doctors who administered mind-control experiments had also been identified by others who had testified to being secretly exposed to radiation. Prominent names surfaced in the March 5 testimonies -Richard Helms, head of CIA, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb who ran MK-ULTRA and Dr. John Gittinger, Gottlieb’s protégé. These men and others were directly accused of participating in grisly mind-control efforts on children. Predictably, this testimony received no media attention.

DOING YOUR THINKING FOR YOU…. Technology is at the forefront in enabling the elite and the puppeteers to guide and direct our thinking. The following is an introduction to the subject of Psycho correction™ influencing an individual’s decisions, modifying personality and managing behaviour. Psychocorrection is the use of persuasion, explanation, and instructions that bypass the subject’s volitional control and consciousness. Psychocorrection presents to the subject, without his awareness, visual, acoustic and other semantic stimuli. Notice the technique is trademarked! Check it out at this website –

Here is their explanatory page “We are daring to present the result of our work of several decades – Our extremely difficult pursuit of knowledge of the most delicate and mysterious realm of human consciousness – our spiritual essence. These results, amidst all previous methods investigating the unconscious, stand alone based not on researchers opinions and subjective experience, but on the measurement of actual spiritual processes. We call this ‘psychozonding’.
Prof. Igor Smirnov

Prof. Igor Smirnov

Psychocorrection is extremely complex and most delicate from a moral point of view. Mankind has access to the instrumental measurement and control of psychological functions, – to the increase, suppression, strengthening or weakening of his own spirit. Such control isn’t subject to what we call ‘conscious will’ and consequently may be carried out without a person’s agreement. This is an extremely dangerous, principally new way of diagnosing and treating psychological dysfunction. Exercise extreme care in using our methods. Do not relish your power over your patients, and do not misuse your technical might, by extracting information from persons by passing their volition and placing your command instructions in their unconscious. With hope and belief.” Prof Igor Smirnov.

Psychocorrection controls human behaviour by – Acoustical audio psychocorrection – coded words & phrases in audio stream listened to by the patient.

Videopsychocorrection – coded images, subject images & words in video stream seen by the patient

Intensive psychocorrection – done in states of altered conscious, results attained by image and word.

Their explanation continues – “The essence of all these methods consists in influencing the unconscious through semantic stimuli – images, words and key signs. We are talking about the intuitive language of ones mental reasoning on the inside, not even known by closest friends. Different intonation or different context conveys different meaning. Orders, given in totalitarianism, warfare or cults, are interpreted differently by others. The basic principle is choosing certain words for composing the ‘plot of suggestion’, the guidance administered. For it to be “received” and functional, it is necessary to do a detailed analysis of the individual as a patient’s situation can be made irreversibly worse.

In unconscious psychocorrection, it is essential to find words or images that destroy pathological complexes in mind and unhealthy behavior. The ‘plot of suggestion’ composed from words and images in the treatment should be brief, contain maximum information and should cause a chain of sophisticated associations. First specialists determine those areas of the mind that are able to be influenced with maximum efficiency. The specialist forms the idea of influence, and then the most difficult step – the specialist states the idea within 4-7 seconds, using those specific symbols, which are close and understandable to the unconscious of the patient.”


Here is another website you might like to check out and then follow the Psychocorrection invention to the patents office where you can substantiate the details. htm.url

The book of Revelation mentions the fact that the spirit of the dictator who comes, this man of sin who is named the Son of Perdition (meaning the embodiment or progeny of Sin) will trade in the souls of men. We often do not stop to consider the actual meanings of many of these scriptural references, and because of it we do ourselves an injustice. This scripture in Revelation mentioned above, when explained through the words of the famous Chinese preacher and leader, Watchman Nee, takes on a totally different meaning as follows.

Watchman Nee explained whilst relating to the original Greek, that the word for souls of men is the word ‘psuche’ which we in modern English translate as psyche. In this light it holds great significance especially in context of the subject being discussed (MIND CONTROL). How can one trade in the psyche of man? Other than referring to the use and the manipulation of mankind’s susceptibility to rejection, his level of fear and openness to intimidation and control, this verse of ancient scripture makes no sense. But if one who holds access to the technology controlling the thinking and conditioning of men’s minds has the ability to direct their subsequent actions, he literally is trading in the psyche or souls of men. The psyche comprises the reason, the emotions, the will and the motivation of men’s minds. The Antichrist, by mind control, has the ability to buy and sell or trade in the souls of men.

The Church has no concept of some of the most bizarre technology that exists in the military and industrial arsenal. These technologies not only influence, but dictate the direction of society’s thinking and planning. Take for example the subject of what is called remote viewing. A special operational force in the military has been developed and trained for what we might call fourth dimensional capability.
Sound Cannon

Sound Cannon

They are known as PSY-OP soldiers, or more perfectly defined as soldiers at readiness for any psychological operational consideration. As unbelievable as it sounds, these troops have been specially conditioned psychologically to see into the metaphysical and remote view. In other words they are trained to anticipate and accurately predict the immediate future responses and outcomes in all sensitive scenarios by using their minds to remote view either discussions or meetings or alternatively documents and incidents of vital significance to national security.

They are taught and trained to be a policing military force with the capability of knowing your thoughts and seeing your premeditations by listening into your conversations and reading your personal files and records from a totally remote and distant position. The head of this original force was Colonel David Moorehouse who is now both an advisor to the military and industry, as well as a lecturer at the U.N. He is a man who sells his ability to whoever is prepared to hire him and his team, who will pay them enough money to disclose the secrets, strategies and formulae’s of their respective opponents. And in case you don’t believe in their accuracy they offer you a one hundred percent money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with their services and conclusions. Check out their now non-military, civilian-based company known as REMOTE VIEWING SERVICES LTD. This is exactly the picture portrayed years ago of the Universal Soldier associated and aligned with a Police State. We are now forced to ask – Who are the subjects and who are the controllers?

March 24th, 2011
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